"A homeless man named Ruben who was shining shoes from the sidewalks in New York City changed my life & taught me one of the key principles of DaysToHappy -- how serving others brings true happiness -- not money, cars, jobs, success or fame but caring for & helping others...

As I flew out of New York City after that experience, I'll never forget looking back on the city hundreds of feet up in the air from my seat in the airplane. With tears flowing down my face, I felt overwhelming love for the people of New York City & realized my life would never be the same. I learned that each person in life we come in contact with no matter his or her circumstances or socio-economic level can teach us something that will have an impact for good on ourselves & others.


Each of the 8+ billion people in the world has been blessed with a gift, a talent, a strength & when used for good can bless & help others -- even change the world."


Corey Davis

Founder & CEO

About DaysToHappy


DaysToHappy is the people experience platform (PXP) for business powered by next-gen mobile technology, positive psychology & human science. We make it easy to inspire all your employees throughout the week so your company thrives. 

Increase your employee engagement today!


We gather data, generate insights, leverage science & deliver life-changing experiences for optimal engagement, deeper connections & happier people -- bringing the mind, body, spirit to business. 

Driven by a bigger purpose, our goal is to help one billion people be happy -- you’re one of them.

We've helped people around the world...

  • from the United States to the United Kingdom

  • from Costa Rica to South Africa

  • from Australia to Austria

  • from Korea & Taiwan to France & Italy

  • and many more. 


We work with some of the world’s most influential companies & look forward to helping your employees, patients, students, customers be happy, engaged & truly thrive!


Plus, we've learned that enjoying the journey is key, which is why we take advantage of every opportunity to smile, laugh, serve & help others along the way.


Exciting times ahead!

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